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Decontamination for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

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The most effective decontamination system in the world.

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Clēan Verification is 99.9999% effective at killing harmful pathogens.

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Ontario Center For Excellence
Ontario Center For Excellence
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Sterilization in

30 seconds

Doctors With Personal Protection Equipment Clean

Our process, using ultraviolet light, vaporized hydrogen peroxide, and ozone, kills up to 99.9999% of pathogens and is more effective and consistent than traditional cleaning methods.

Clēan Verification can be applied individually or sequentially to microbes on the surface and subsurface of any surfaces.


Continuous monitoring of critical limits is an added advantage to a process that virtually eliminates pathogens.

Our Research Partners

Health Canada
Health Canada
University of Guelph
“This is an incredible success story about an Ontario apple farmer taking technology used to decontaminate produce and converting it into a device that can decontaminate personal protective equipment”
Premier Ford

Office of the Premier, August 4, 2020


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