Big news, folks! A Canadian company called Clēan Works has just been approved by Health Canada to sanitize N95 masks to make them available for reuse. Woohoo!

The company has developed technology that is able to sanitize up to 800 N95 masks per hour. The device is called the Clēan Flow Health Care Mini. And they’ve just upped production of 15 units a week. That’s a LOT of masks that will be re-usable. And it’s sure to make a huge impact on the PPE shortage that medical professionals have been experiencing.

Now, at the moment the service is prioritizing masks for use by healthcare workers. And given that those are the folks working tirelessly to keep the rest of us healthy, that seems more than fair. Hospitals across the country such as Hamilton Health Sciences, Trillium Health Partners, Niagara Health Region, and Nova Scotia Health Authority have all ordered units of the cleaning device. Plus the Toronto EMS and the National Research Council have units on the way as well.

So thank you Clēan Works! It’s companies like you that are making a huge impact in the fight against COVID-19.

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