With the growing concern that food contamination is on the rise, food safety has never been more critical. Fresh produce is a particularly high-risk commodity, a fact that lead the pioneering Clean Works company to develop a revolutionary process to clean fresh fruit and vegetables more effectively.

An interesting aspect of the cleaning method – called Clean Verification – is that it is completely waterless.

Clean Verification is a decontamination treatment and alternative to traditional post-harvest washing.

Traditional methods of cleaning produce using chlorine washes, only offer a 50% contaminant reduction. However, the company says this technology is up to 99.99% effective at killing harmful pathogens and mold.

In many cases, this is could be the measure that prevents someone from suffering from E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, or human parasites.

Plus, “it has the benefits of treating certain fruits and vegetables that cannot be washed with water – strawberries for one,” says Joe Symons, general manager of Clean Works. “Our technology works for things like that.”

Benefits extend to all major players in the agri-food industry – growers, packers and processors, wholesalers, and retailers.

The treatment also increases fruits’ shelf life by up to 25%, according to Symons.

Additionally, customers can apply it to a wide range of crops more safely and effectively, he says.

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