Grundfos, Oakville, Ont., has partnered with Clean Works Medical, a start-up in food sanitation, to help fight the spread of COVID-19 by using Clean Works Medical disinfection technology to disinfect N95 masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) for hospitals and nursing homes.

The Clean Works process uses ultraviolet light, vaporized hydrogen peroxide, and ozone to kill 99.99 per cent of pathogens. A key component is a chemical metering pump to provide continuous dosing of their sanitation solution, which is where Grundfos comes into play.

“Pulsation was a big issue with the previous pump manufacturer,” said Joe Symons, general manager of Clean Works. “We needed a fully integrated solution that could deliver the needed accuracy and precision, while communicating with the PLC controls.”

To meet the accuracy and precision demands with PLC integration, Grundfos began testing its DDA FCM pumps with the Clean Works nozzle and chemicals.

“The atomizing was really cool to see,” said Aninda Sarker, energy sales manager at Grundfos. “As we tested the solution with our pump variants, I took a video for the Clean Works team, so they could see the pump in action. I also joined them at the plant for on-site testing to ensure our solution consistently delivered the results.”

By using stepper motor technology, the Grundfos Smart Digital dosing pumps provide a continuous flow profile, even when only small volumes are required. An integrated pressure sensor and flow monitoring algorithm controls the flow rate by comparing the actual flow to the setpoint and automatically making any needed adjustments.

Clean Works Medical was founded in Ontario in 2012 by veterans of the produce industry and develops sanitizing systems for fruits and vegetables to prevent the outbreak of foodborne illnesses.

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