As the whole world is scrambling for N95 masks and is looking for ways to safely reuse select PPEs like N95 masks, a Beamsville, Ontario based company called Clēan Works has announced that it has been approved by Health Canada to sanitizing N95 masks for healthcare workers.

Clēan Works has invented a novel system to rid the produce of pathogens, molds and viruses without using water. One of its products, The Clēan Flow Mini reduces pathogens by up to 4 log (99.99%) on produce and containers.

Clēan Works have adapted its existing product and the device which is approved by Health Canada is called the Clēan Flow Health Care Mini. According to the press release, it can sanitize up to 800 N95 masks per hour. The company through its new affiliate Clēan Works Medical has ramped up and is now making 15 of these units a week.

The Food Science Department at the University of Guelph found it was 99.99% effective. The process is waterless, and uses a unique combination of ultraviolet light, vaporized hydrogen peroxide, and ozone to kill harmful pathogens and viruses that are much more resistant than coronavirus.

Last year Clēan Works won the Food Safety Innovation Award from the International Association for Food Protection. It has also won the Premiers Innovation award and OCE (Ontario Centres of Excellence) Mind to Market Award from the Government of Ontario.

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