If needed, frontline health care workers in Bruce and Huron Counties and Bruce Power will be assured of safe personal protective equipment (PPS) thanks to a new partnership between the counties and Bruce Power.

Bruce County, Huron County and Bruce Power have purchased three Clean Flow Health Care Mini machines – $82,5000 each with a $1,000 set up fee – that may be used to sanitize personal protective equipment used by front-line health care workers, paramedics and long-term care staff, if their current supply chain breaks.

The Bruce Power and Bruce County machines will be housed in Paisley at Abraflex, a certified Aboriginal business, that will supply the space and staff expertise to run the machines, if required by a PPE shortage.

The Clean Flow Health Care Mini technology was developed by Beamsville-based Clean Works, and was verified by the University of Guelph and approved by Health Canada April 13.

David Abbott, Bruce Power’s Director of Community and Indigenous Relations, said the manufacturer says the equipment can destroy 99.9 per cent of pathogens and viruses on surfaces and clean up to 1,000 N95 masks per hour.

“Embracing this innovative technology is just another one of the ways Bruce Power is working with our communities and companies who are providing strong leadership helping to support those on the front line in the fight against COVID-19,” Abbott said in an April 17 news release.

In a joint comment, Bruce County Warden Mitch Twolan and Huron County Warden Jim Ginn, said their numbers one priorities is the health and safety of staff.

“This investment has been made to protect our front-line health care workers by maintaining a steady supply of clean personal protective equipment, in the event that the supply chain breaks down. To those on the front-lines: thank you for your daily commitment to deliver service to our communities.”

It’s anticipated the Clean Flow Health Care Mini machines will be delivered by mid-May.

Huron County has not yet released the location for its machine.

Originally posted online at: https://www.shorelinebeacon.com/news/local-news/paisley-firm-houses-sanitizers-for-use-if-required-in-covid-19-pandemic